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AutoChange IP, Private Own Browser, EasterEgg, Directory Change, Plugins, Write 'Secure'.........

AutoChange IP:- Setting a time to change Ipaddress it self
Private Own Browser:- this will reduce complaints of not supporting browser
EasterEgg:- many VPN provider Do have their EasterEgg with a hidden link for cool learning stuffs
Directory Change:- allow to change Directory
Plugins:- supporting some of the plugins like ifttt would be great for busy users
Secure:- Somewhere Write a a Word "Secure" with Green tick would give a good impression in other eyes and really make us feel Secure.

Security Kiss ROcks ;)

simar , 20.04.2012, 12:56
Idea status: under consideration


yeni, 21.04.2012, 11:32
I agree with autochange and EE

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