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Somethings i wanna to say(behind the GFW China)

Well,Firstly i'm Chinese.Now live in China MainLand,
So as u can see.Our Great FireWall is very powerful.We can not wathch youtube,Visit Facebook,Twitter...Even can not access to Google!
There is no Free Speech!
And we Surely need a vpn to access those website.Sometimes we use the FreeGate,but it doesn't work sometimes.And for this Software,i think is very good
Firstly,it is very easy to use,just click some buttoms
Secondly,i tested it has a good Ability of blockade
Thirdly,in free Version it have 300Mb to use ,these is pretty good
And for some suggestion,i would like to say
1,u should improve blockade Further
2,try to localization some Version for some Country
3,translate to any other Language,it's just have English now.
4,try to install in easy way,not downloading twice
5,i try this software in 3 Different computer,sometime it shows connect successfully,but i checked my ip address,it doesn't change.i don't know what's happend.Maybe u could add a IP check,so we can know if it surely worked.
6.try to have more consumer packages,let's customer to custom their own package
7.Build some easy to use version,can let us save in Removable memory,open it quickly
8.Add some mode to choose for accelerated all software or some single software,u know,some software doesn't need using vpn.it may Waste flow and Increase the burden on the server.
that's all,
hope your Software will be better

Tom Yi , 20.04.2012, 10:56
Idea status: under consideration


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